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Ventura County Cali Easter Weekend Cycling Fun

Team Colavita Fine Cooking - Stradalli had a training camp and a sponsor meeting in Tucson AZ. Team members and sponsors including Tom Steinbacher participated in local rides and climbed Mt. Lemmon.

You can see some familiar faces in these pictures. Erica Allar, Thomas Steinbacher, Grant Potter, Cesar Grajales, Jame Carney and others.

Tom Steinbacher and Grant Potter of Stradalli are joined by Erica Allar and Jame Carney of Colavita/Fine Cooking on the rides in Tucson AZ. Climbing Mt Lemon is a challenge but one of the most exciting rides at the same time. Weather is great and the scenery is breathtaking.

Could not post this one yesterday because I didn’t have Internet connection at Grand Canyon Village

Crack of dawn and our van is covered in ice. Coffee, jalapenos, hot sauce on omelets to get us warm at Lilo’s German breakfast place . We try to joke but we understand that today will be serious long cold challenge. Tom and Cesar are dressed in the full winter gear and we are off.

Desert gives way to pine woods and by the time we get to Williams AZ elevation reads 6772. It’s hard to breathe this thin air for Florida boys. AZ-64 turns North towards Grand Canyon and hills get steep. Scenery is beautiful with mountains all around and huge wind farm in the distance but how much of it can be enjoyed on a never-ending climb?

The last stretch of the road brought some better luck. Road got flatter and the strong wind that tormented the riders all day becomes a strong tailwind and we reached the Grand Canyon Village before we knew it.

Tom and Cesar loved the tailwind :)

We went to the Canyon right away. We didn’t have much time before the sunset but even the little time that we had we took some amazing pics and we all four agreed that this view was worth all the pain plus we all got kinda sentimental when we talked about the kids from charity. Yes four tough guys turned soft after seeing Grand Canyon and talking about the charity and then we’ve seen herds of deer and elk. Nature and God are amazing . 

Dreams to Wheels

Once an Addict Always an Addict

This is crazy, how can I be so wacky, today Nov 17th I’m CLEAN and SOBER 20 years and 3 month and yup I’m still a addict. Cycling for a 1000 miles to raise awareness for dreams to wheels, kids in Columbia that can not effort bikes or parts or helmets. 
All is well riding in the Arizona desert with Cesar Grajales a top ranked skinny cyclist ( 70 lbs lighter than me) here it shows my addictive behavior, why are addicts so stubborn? 
Up and down roads wind and I’m about 2 die with still about 40 miles to go I’m in pain and I’m hurting, he looks @ me and I say yes I can keep going, but I’m in pain and don’t wanna go no more! Why don’t I learn after 20 years going 2 meetings, we stop @ the gas station and I’m hungry and tired and thirsty and what is the first thing I see? Yup the big Budweiser fridge and yes it looks so good. Yes @ first my alcoholic brain says it’s OK you are far away from home and and and all kinds of BS pops in my head. Amazing how life works, soon as I see the beer I get a text from my friend Jenn Jennifer Gimenez :) who is sober. All it says in the text is. Hey Honey, how is Ur trip? It’s amazing how it helps 2 have good sober friends :) Sometimes u just need a reminder and good friends and life is amazing.
Sometimes u get signs from God when u least expected them even in the middle of the desert :)

I guess now its time 2 find a meeting :)
Tom S.

The long tortures hours of filming are slowly come to an end when Tom gave his final 3 hr interview at his Boca Raton home.

We all had a blast with the European RTL TV Crew.

We want to thank everyone for the hard work and long hours they put in to this filming,

Here are some pictures from the behind the scene reality TV filming at Daouds Fine Jewelry super store in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
What are great and amazing family owned Jewelry business and Rolex watch store. We are only trying to show the best Florida has to offer to RTL TV crew.

Stradalli bike ride turned out to be much greater success than we expected. We were expecting to see just some friends but early in the morning cyclists started to roll into Stradalli parking lot by the dozen. Soon all the spaces were taken but riders just kept on coming. RTL TV filming crew who have to document and comment on the event tried to get an accurate count but stopped once they’ve reached 130. It was such a pleasure to see so many Stradalli bikes, wheels and uniforms and so hear warming to see so many familiar faces. To us this massive ride was very inspiring and made us think of making it a regular thing. We want to thank everyone who made time to come to our ride. We appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you and see you on the roads again!

Special thanks to Byron Orellana for the pictures of the event

Some snapshots showing Stradalli parking lot filling up with riders early in the morning. It was so nice to see that many people in Stradalli kits and on our bikes. So nice to see that many riders answering our call and joining us. We and RTL TV show filming crew were very impressed.